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Soil24-Soil (250L)

Soil24-Soil (250L)


- Retains water and reduces leaching of nutrients
-Loosens clay soils and binds sandy soils
-Aerates the soil and improves its structure
 -Is rich in organic matter and is a long-term soil conditioner
- Is particularly useful on heavy soils and helps to prevent waterlogging and caking

Why should I buy peat moss when I can use compost as a soil amendment?
Peat moss makes your compost more effective because peat and compost do two different things. Peat moss restructures the soil, whereas compost provides nutrients. By blending the two you can reduce compost’s tendency to compact the soil, and thus allow more water, air and nutrients to reach plant roots. In addition, the peat moss and compost combination helps retain moisture in garden beds, allowing gardeners to water less frequently. Peat also extends the life of compost in soil by four to five times.

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