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FS937 - Flower Seed Sakura

FS937 - Flower Seed Sakura

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Sakura are deciduous trees that bloom in the spring with beautiful flowers that cover the tree and fall on its base to give it a natural appeal. The pink and white flowers are beautifully arranged in clusters of two or five. The leaves grow alternately and turn yellow, crimson, or red in the autumn season. The vast green crown of the tree is held by a single trunk, which gives it a spacious look with long branches. The trunk has horizontally placed lenticels and it is colored chestnut-brown. The tree yields a black colored fruit after the blossoming of the flowers in spring.
General CareEnvironmentBonsai need to be kept under the appropriate conditions suited for their growth. In winter, the cherry blossom bonsai should be kept in a cold environment. The winter season for bonsai trees lasts for approximately three months, during which they are dormant and do not produce any flowers or fruit. In order to keep them cold and allow them to pass the dormant season naturally, several methods are commonly used:

1. Bury the tree in an area away from the sun and wind up to the level of the pot. The remaining part can be buried with mulch that comes up to the first branches of the tree. Seasonal rains or snow should not be a problem .

2. Place the tree in a cold and dark area, such as a garage or shed. The bonsai tree will need watering at this stage, but no light will be required.

During the spring and summer season, cherry blossom bonsai need exposure to the sun in the morning and afternoon. Locations that are best suited for the tree include a garden, balcony, patio, or terrace. Leaving the bonsai inside during spring and summer will damage the plant due to lack of sun, and so it is important to consider its placement throughout the seasonal changes.

The soil of the cherry blossom bonsai tree must be nourished at all times. Since it is a miniature tree and it is placed in a small pot, it needs a greater supply of nutrients. A quality fertilizer should be used every month to feed the soil .

Bonsai kept directly under the sun need to be watered more often. Water the plant as soon as the soil looks dry. Rain can also provide sufficient water. A good indication of enough water is when its starts leaking from the bottom of the plant though the tiny holes located underneath the pot. A watering meter can also be purchased to properly time the watering.

Late winter is an ideal time to repot cherry blossom bonsai, as the plant will have finished flowering. Repotting will allow your tree to grow roots that are more compact and it will have fresher soil due to the exchange.

Pruning is an essential part of any bonsai plant because it maintains its miniature shape. Cherry blossoms should be pruned after the falling of the flowers. New growth should be pruned accordingly and never removed completely.

Pests & Diseases
Birds usually feed on the flower buds of cherry blossoms. Caterpillars and aphids are also attracted to the tree and can cause it potential damage. In terms of diseases, cherry blossoms are susceptible to blossom wilt, peach leaf curl, silver leaf, and taphrina wiesneri .


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