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FA193 - Flower Seed   Californiapoppy

FA193 - Flower Seed Californiapoppy

HK$28.00 Regular Price
HK$7.78Sale Price

Seeds per Packet:50

Perennial, annual or biennial plant, single-lobe, yellow flower; 30-50cm high, green compete stools; 4-6cm in diam. Cover fine soil after sowing; germination time:10-15days; autumn sowing in non-frozen-winter area, or before freeze.In early spring, culture of seeding indoors in the north; taproot, not suitable for transplantation; sowing in seeding tray; bloom in fine weather but close up in cloudy day; strong ability of self-reproduction; applying for prevernal flower border, stretches planting, potted plant and land cover.

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